My name is Andre Poli, Brazilian-American Creative Director & Art Director, currently living in New York🗽

Nowadays I am fighting the good fight as a freelance multidisciplinary creative 🥊 Before that, I spent 3 amazing years at Wieden+Kennedy as a Senior Art Director🎖️

I also worked at R/GA, Razorfish, Syrup and JWT. Altogether I have 20 years of experience in the industry and 22 international awards 🏆 including 10 Cannes Lions 🦁

I have been fortunate to work with global brands like 👉 Nike, Toyota, Google, Sprite, Speedo, Squarespace, Delta, Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, Amazon, Riot Games and others 🤌

You can read about me in my 📖 Bio, reach me out on Linkedin or through my Email. Also, here is some of my Photography 📸 work.

IBM WatsonX — Let’s AI Everything

IBM’s business-grade AI empowers you to create something that changes everything. So in this pivotal moment in culture let’s remind everyone that IBM has always been the leader of business-changing AI.

Ogilvy New York 2023

Executive Creative Director: Matthew Curry
Executive Creative Director: Aste Gutierrez
Design Director: Andre Poli

Copywriter: Banks Noel

JP Morgan Payments — More than a Partner

JP Morgan Payments is more than a payments partner to your business. It is a powerful platform that provide inspiring and innovative ways on how to scale and grow your business efficiently by merging JPM’s disruptive payment tools.

Media Monks Los Angeles 2023

Group Creative Director: Victor Sie
Creative Director: Dominic Valdez
Associate Creative Director (Art): Andre Poli

Associate Creative Director (Copy): Nathan Stroot
Art Director: Stephanie Cho
Copywriter: Milan Rothfeld

Design / Motion Director: Rachael Park

Microsoft Azure — Everywhere & Nowhere

Microsoft Cloud Services Azure celebrated 10 years in 2021. To imprint this remarkable milestone in time, Azure's design team rebranded and launched a new positioning for this next chapter. To kick off the effort, Microsoft C+AI Studios reached out to Rise New York to concept, design and craft this vision to life in an outstanding 60s manifesto film.

Rise New York & Partners 2021
Creative Director: Andre Poli
Creative Director / Film Director: Andre Holzmeister
Film Co-Director: Flavio Montiel
3D Artists: Mau Borba, Vinicius Lavor
Sound Design: Combustion

Riot Games Wild Rift – Think like a Pro

Rise New York & Partners signed with the Gaming Giant to support its Marketing and Advertising Efforts in the Region. To kick off the partnership, Riot Games LATAM tasked the agency with a mission of launching its newly created #ElTryHardClub a program that brings a series of free initiatives and support to the League of Legends Wild Rift community in Mexico.

Rise New York & Partners 2021

Creative Director / Art Director: Andre Poli
Creative Director (Studio) / Film Director: Andre Holzmeister
Associate Design Director: Rafael Fernandes
Flame Artist / Compositor: Jorge Pereira
Senior Motion Designer: Edgar Yamada
Sound Design: Combustion

Rise New York & Partners — Launch Film

Lauching a Company is not an easy task. Lauching a Company in New York City is specially not an easy task. For that, we wanted to communicate a message that was long overdue — the sentiment of Belonging. Being a founded by three immigrants, we can definitely say that we share the same feeling of being away from home and the struggles of living in a place that is not always that welcoming. While pursuing a place to call it home, amongst all the questions and challenges, a realization emerged upon us — RISE above it all is a mindset and a personal choice, and yes we do belong here and we are here to stay.

Rise New York & Partners 2021

Creative Director / Art Director / Writer: Andre Poli
Creative Director (Studio): Andre Holzmeister
Flame Artist / Compositor: Jorge Pereira
Head of Studio: Rodrigo Rodrigues(RodRod)
Sound Design: Combustion

Campbell Ewald — Brand Update

During the C+E rebranding in 2021, the company decided to expand its visual approach and bring it to new heights. They reached out to Studio By Rise with a simple yet exciting mission — take the new brand and company ethos and make it extraordinary. Our team of designers and motion took it a bit way too seriously. The result was three packs of visual systems with a fresh and modern feel.

Rise New York & Partners 2021

Creative Director: Andre Poli
Art Director / Designer: Rafael Fernandes
Head of Studio: Rodrigo Rodrigues(RodRod)
Motion Designer: Edgar Yamada

Daiwa House/Nike/AKQA Tokyo — The Art of Growth

Daiwa House is the largest company in Japan that handles logistics capabilities. It can support everything from facility construction to product delivery. Leveraging its partnership with Nike, Daiwa House and AKQA Tokyo teamed up with Studio By Rise New York in the development of a 30 seconds digital video that tells that story in a visually striking way.

Rise New York & Partners 2020

Creative Director: Andre Poli
Creative Director (Studio): Andre Holzmeister
Head of Studio: Rodrigo Rodrigues(RodRod)
Design Director / 3D Artist: Flavio Montiel
Motion Designers / 3D Artists: Vinicius Lavor, Daniel Almeida
Sound Design: Combustion
Agency: AKQA Tokyo


White Ops — Keep it Human

Bots and digital threats are everywhere — White Ops is an organization that helps to keep the integrity and safety of any type of interaction in the internet. Search for proof of Humanity is their core mission. These are GTM Product Animations that explains how each of their products works from inside out. We wanted to communicate it in in a more visual and fun way.

Rise New York & Partners 2020

Creative Director: Andre Poli
Creative Director (Studio): Andre Holzmeister
Art Director / Designer: Rafael Fernandes
Head of Studio: Rodrigo Rodrigues(RodRod)
Motion Designer: Edgar Yamada
Sound Design: White Noise Lab

Ultimate Ears — For Your Ears Only

Art direction & Design exploration for the launch of the Ultimate Ears / UE Fits visual identity. UE Fits is a wireless headphones that is custom fitted for all the different ears out there.

Minor Vices 2020
Creative Director/Art Director: Andre Poli

Unseen Realities — A Visual Narrative

Unseen Realities is a visual narrative based on my life's personal events and the places I've been around the world. In the book I portrait random and mundane moments of life in a more special and thoughtful way.

Printed in New York City ©2020
8.5" x 11" (17" x 11" open) — 196 pages
Cover: 130# Epic Black, Fiery Oversize
Interior: 100# Matte Text, 4/4 (2/sided), Indigo Press
Perfect Binding
20 Copies Limited Edition

TOYOTA — Start Your Impossible

If you are going to start something, try it early, right at the sun rise. Because if you start before them, you'll get there before them. Start your Impossible.

Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles 2018

Executive Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Art Director: Andre Poli
Design Director: Adriel Nunes

#SmallThanks with Google — OOH Campaign

#SmallThanks is a call to recognize the Small Business Community that America loves, curated by Google with data from the people who love them most.

Google New York 2018

Executive Creative Director: Natalie Lam
Copywriters: Paul Fix, Marianna Nash
Art Director/Designer: Andre Poli

Jeff Bridges + Squarespace = “Sleeping Tapes”

Squarespace believes that even the wildest ideas should come to life in a beautiful way. For the SuperBowl of 2015, we worked with the Hollywood actor Jeff Bridges and asked him to take advantage of the platform, and he did just that. Jeff released a very special and unique album, the “Sleeping Tapes”, an album filled with relaxation sounds, that had a mission to put people to sleep, while all the benefits from album downloads and sales proceeded to the No Kid Hungry organization.

Wieden+Kennedy NY 2015

Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, David Kolbusz
Art Directors: Andre Poli, Erwin Federizo
Copywriter: Andrew Jasperson
Creative Technologist: Craig Blagg
Design Director: Serif Ozcan
Producer: Alisson Hill
Project Manager: Danielle Rounds
Photographer: Gary Land
Interactive Producer: Christine Young
Album Art: Lou Beach

Nike Fuel Fest: Sport + Innovation + Music + Culture

Nike Fuel Fest was a large-scale live interactive show at battersea power station that featured a digital projection takeover of the iconic landmark’s exterior fuelled by the movement and energy of the crowd. All guests at the event were wearing a Nike+ FuelBand to collectively earn NikeFuel to energize the venue.

R/GA NY 2012

Executive Creative Directors: Tara Greer, Wade Convay
Creative/Art Director: Andre Poli

Delta Airlines: The Departure — Brand Update

Exercise for how we could visually reposition the first US
Airline. The insight was simple: "The Departure". All of us are always departing somewhere, losing the ground and chasing new lands. The widget/arrow points the direction, and the runway will always be there for you to take off or to land.

Wieden + Kennedy NY 2017

Creative Directors: John Parker, Sean McLaughlin
Art Director/Designer: Andre Poli
Project Manager: Jason Pelton

Delta Airlines: NY IS GO — Photography Direction

In New York City is go go go, all the time. To reflect the pace and the speed of one of the greatest cities in the world, we produced a photo library that highlights just that, the real spirit of what means to be a New Yorker.

Wieden+Kennedy NY 2016

Creative Director: John Parker
Art Director: Andre Poli
Photographer: João Canziani
Producer: Hosanna Marshall
Retoucher: Jesse Corinella
Project Manager: Jason Pelton

Clinique & Zara Larsson — “Lush Life” Music Video

To launch Clinique’s newest pop artistry collection, we created an interactive music video starring international pop star Zara Larsson, the experience allowed viewers to interact between Zara’s four different musical genres, it also showed how easy it is to transform her entire look and emotion.

Wieden+Kennedy NY 2015

Executive Creative Director: Colleen Decourcy
Art Directors: Andre Poli, Jessica Shriftman
Copywriter: Laddie Peterson
Creative Technologist: Craig Blagg
Experience Designer: Kate Bauer
Design Director: Serif Ozcan
Film Producer: Dom Tunon
Interactive Producers: Laura Kim, Christine Young
Project Manager: Danielle Rounds

Nike/Jordan — Call The Game

The Jordan Keypad App provided a platform for First Class Flyers to learn about Jordan as a brand. Also the app was a simple and fun way to explore the story behind each sneaker, find out about secret events and be aware of shoe drops. The AJ1 Shoe Phone was a stunt piece made to generate noise and promote the app on social media. 

Wieden + Kennedy NY 2016

Executive Creative Director: Karl Lierberman
Creative Directors: Jimm Lasser, Caleb Jensen
Art Director: Andre Poli
Creative Technologist: Mauricio Ruiz
Producer: Mutaurwa Mapondera

Nike Basketball — Kobe Bryant: Give Up? Never.

Whenever you fall or fail, you find yourself in a total darkness. But, what if the solution has always been in the darkness after all? It is time to realize that regret doesn't suit you, only pride in the obstacles that you overcome. I am Kobe Bryant.  Give up? Never.

Creative Direction + Art Direction 2013

Creative Director / Art Director: Andre Poli

 — Obey Your Thirst

W+K pitched and won the Sprite business. As part of the work presented, we came up with a fresh visual direction to show how could become a culturally relevant hub of content. 

Wieden+Kennedy NY 2015

Executive Creative Director: David Kolbusz 
Creative Director: Jimm Lasser, Gary Van Dzura
Art Director: Andre Poli
Experience Designer: Kate Bauer

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream Capsule

To launch the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dreams fragrance, we envited thousands of young women to create a "Dream Capsule". The capsules were filled with dreams and life goals that would be shipped back to them in 3 years. The intention was to make them feel the nostalgia of that particular period of their lifetime.

Razorfish NY 2014

Executive Creative Director: Frederic Bonn
Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Art Director: Andre Poli
Photographers: Alexa Mazzarello, Sudhith Xavier,
John Towner, Camila Cordeiro, Allef Vinicius

Nike+ FuelBand: Fuel Challenges

Nike+ FuelBand encouraged millions of people around the globe to be more active, not only by exercising but being active with whatever that made them feel comfortable, #MakeItCount they said. So as part of the platform, Fuel Challenges allowed people to challenge each other and bet who can earn more NikeFuel throughout the day.

R/GA NY 2012

Executive Creative Director: Tara Greer
Senior Visual Designer: Andre Poli
Experience Designer: Derek Chan

Nike — The Future Vision of Nike Digital Sports

The mission of this exercise was to show how we could combine all Nike Digital Sports apps in one unique experience, keeping it simple, social and fun. The experience allowed people to get better insights through coach callenges, get offered products based on which sport they practice, as well as learning from their entire athletic life.

R/GA NY 2013

Executive Creative Director: Wade Convay
Senior Visual Designer: Andre Poli
Experience Designer: Rahul Lindberg Sen

Speedo Pace Club — Dive In

In 2011, Speedo USA and Syrup NY launched the Speedo Pace Club, the brand’s new digital, consumer e-commerce and swim training product, that was built on the Speedo brand’s core mission to inspire, engage and encourage more people to swim.

Syrup NY 2011

Executive Creative Director: Jakob Daeschek
Creative Directors: Alex Lins, Ben Abramowitz
Senior Visual Designer: Andre Poli
Copywriter: Spencer Lavalee
Executive Producer: Kate Cunningham
Photographer: Carlos Serrao

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